Preparing the Chargemaster for 2015

This program will focus on updating Customer's chargemaster for the 2015 reporting requirements and new chargemaster opportunities to keep you "in the know" for CPT and HCPCS coding revisions. LEARN MORE

Update to PricePoint

WHA Information Center has released its latest version of PricePoint. In addition to providing hospital-specific charges and financial data, it offers a guide to help patients understand their responsibility for the charges. LEARN MORE


We specialize in providing timely, complete, and accurate data to help health care organizations, consumers, payers, and policymakers make informed decisions regarding the cost and quality of hospital care in Wisconsin. LEARN MORE


This four-part webinar series focuses on helping coders, coding managers, and members of a hospital or health system's ICD-10 implmentation team understand ICD-10-PCS coding system design and root operation groups to be better prepared for on-time and efficient implementation.  Learn More


Check out WHAIC's latest version of PricePoint! It has been enhanced to provide consumers with accurate, facility specific medical services and charges, so they can make informed decisions about their health care.