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WHA Information Center (WHAIC) is the respected source for Wisconsin hospital and ambulatory surgery center data.  Its timely, complete and accurate data helps hospitals and health systems, consumers, payers and policymakers better understand their communities, the health care market, and the cost and quality of hospital care in Wisconsin.

Listed below are products and services provided by WHAIC:

  • Relational Data Set
  • Fixed-Width Data Set
  • Custom Data Request
  • Annual Survey of Hospitals Data Set
  • Hospital Fiscal Survey Data Set
  • Certified Health Cost Fee Database for WI Worker's Compensation Program
  • Wisconsin DWD Registered Nurse Workforce Data
  • Annual Publications

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WHA Information Center releases five publications annually:

  • Guide to Wisconsin Hospitals
  • Hospital Quality Indicator Report
  • Health Care Data Report
  • Uncompensated Health Care in Wisconsin Hospitals
  • Hospital Rate Increases

The Guide to Wisconsin Hospitals provides detailed staffing, utilization, and financial information from data submitted by Wisconsin hospitals. It is based on the Annual Survey of Hospitals and the Hospital Fiscal Survey. Detailed averages are shown for individual hospitals in tables that list selected measures of finance, service, staffing and utilization. Averages are also shown for selected groups of hospitals and for totals across the state.

The Hospital Quality Indicator Report provides one perspective about the quality of care in hospitals. This report allows hospitals to view their performance in comparison to their peers using a blinded method. The quality indicators included in this report were developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The Health Care Data Report provides information on utilization and charges at hospitals and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers.

The Uncompensated Health Care in Wisconsin Hospitals provides charges for charity care and bad debt and number of patients receiving uncompensated health care services. It is based on the Hospital Fiscal Survey.

Wisconsin hospitals are required to report Hospital Rate Increases to WHAIC. When a price increase causes a hospital’s gross patient revenue to increase faster than the rate of inflation (specifically, the increase in federal government’s consumer price index, or CPI), the hospital must report the price increase to its community and WHAIC.


If you have any questions regarding the services that WHA Information Center can provide, or its products, please contact Brian Competente.