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WHAIC Survey Updates, Newsletters & Bulletins

To meet the needs of our hospital survey submitters and to better serve you, we will be sending out a periodic newsletter. Our goal is to establish primary and secondary contacts with each facility, assist you with common issues in completing the multiple surveys we send out, provide the latest news on new stat edits, offer tips and tricks, and include you on any pertinent changes to the survey submission process. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for articles.

Below is a listing of updates sent out by WHA Information Center regarding the survey data submisisons.

  • COVID-19 Update (March 2020)
  • COVID-19 Bulletin (March 2020)
  • Going Green Bulletin (January 2020)
  • Survey Updates, Fall Conference Update, Manual Changes (December 2019)
  • Going Green, Annual Training, New Timelines and Survey Roles Link (August 2019)
  • Annual and Fiscal Training Questionnaire, 3-Digit ID, Filing for an Extension (December 2018)
  • Survey Edits and Affirmation, Deadline Reminders, Survey Training, Tips and Tricks (June 2018)

Survey Training Materials

  • Going Green 2020 PowerPoint with COVID-19 Update | Download
  • FY 2019 Training PowerPoint | Download
  • FY 2018 Training PowerPoint | Download

Other Survey Resources and News: