WHAIC 837 File Submission & Testing Instructions

WHAIC Testing Defined Requirements 

WHA Information Center requires all facilities to successfully complete testing prior to advancing to the 837 data submission in production.  Each facility must adhere to the technical specifications in the WHAIC 837 Companion Guide as provided below and produce a HIPAA compliant 837 transaction file.  Testing is based on individual locations and facility ID, not hospital / ASC affiliation or number of facilities in a hospital system.

WHAIC is asking facilities to work closely with use to perform comparative testing by submitting dual test files - submit one file in the current .txt file format and another in an 837 format.  Before you contact WHAIC to validate your data or address questions, please verify and evaluate your test results using the check list located within this document. 

WHAIC 837 File Submission & Testing Instructions | DOWNLOAD
Last updated August 21, 2017