New Facility Orientation

All Wisconsin, Medicare-certified, hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals, and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers (FASC) are required to report inpatient and outpatient discharge data to the Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center (WHAIC) each quarter.

WHAIC collects data pursuant to Chapter 153 of the State Statutes and subject to all terms and conditions as described in ss. DHS 120. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements regardless if the facility uses a vendor or not may result in financial penalties to the organization.

Compliance with discharge data reporting requires action from the facility as outlined below. WHAIC will assign your facility a 3-digit facility ID number that will be used to communicate with WHAIC and submit facility data in the data collection system. For information on how your data is used in our on-line publications, PricePoint, discharge data sets and other data deliverables contact Brian Competente.

The WIpop Compliance & IC Updates section also contains information for data submitters.


  1. Welcome and Facility Setup Form.  
  2. Upon receipt of the Facility Setup Form, WHAIC will assign a 3-digit Facility ID and link your facility billing NPI number to the database.
  3. Submitting Data and Training
    • Data Submitters and Users are required to register to the secure WHAIC Portal to access WIpop.  
    • Review the WIpop Roles document prior to registration
    • Contact WHAIC Staff to review the manual and data submission schedule.
  4. Plan accordingly:  Hospitals and ASCs are required to use a modified 837 claims file format as outlined in the Data Submitters WIPop 837 Companion Guide and Technical Specifications Manual.  Most facilities require the expertise of their EHR/billing vendor, or IT Staff, to develop a modified claims file to submit data.  The WHAIC Companion and Technical Specification Guide follows the national ANSI 837 standards and provides specifications for the submission of discharge data to the WHAIC.  For more information see /submitters/WIpop/.  
  5. An annual Notice of Rate Increase is required for hospitals
  6. Understand how your data is used in WHAIC's publications, PricePoint, Discharge Data Deliverables.


An annual Notice of Rate Increase is required for hospitals.  State statutes (DHS 120) require Wisconsin hospitals to report certain price increases to WHAIC.

All Wisconsin hospitals are also required to submit annual hospital surveys to WHAIC.  The surveys are the Annual Survey, Fiscal Survey, Personnel Survey, Uncompensated Care and the Medicare Cost Report (Worksheet C).  For more information, please review the survey submission page on the website.